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About us

Company Boyser s.r.o. supplies all types of pumps such as centrifugal pumps, diaphragm pumps with air and electric drive, gear pumps, lobe pumps, screw pumps, peristaltic pumps, submersible pumps, drum pumps, pumps for sludge, horizontal / vertical pumps and various other pumps and accessories.

Our company also provides consultation, recommemdations and delivery of equipment for vacuum. We supply pumps and vacuum equipment of leading European manufacturers for different purposes, different types of vacuum with high power range.

Other equipment supplied for gaseous media are blowers. These devices operate at positive pressure, with air or other gaseous medium.

For technological and industrial applications we can supply wide range of industrial mixers (agitators). These devices are divided according to the principle of the static and dynamic. They are designed and recommended according to a purpose and mixed medium in cooperation with mixer manufacturers thereby guaranteeing warranty for technical design, suitability and effectiveness of the agitators.

Industrial equipment in factories, production lines, heat management etc. often use heat exchangers of different designs for different medium. Modern solution for heat transfer between two liquidsis plate heat exchanger. We supply demountable and dismountable plate heat exchangers from different manufacturers with primary indicator being thermal efficiency. Given that these devices need regular maintenance and cleaning we supply CIP cleaning stations for heat exchangers. For clients, we provide the service of cleaning and maintenance of heat exchangers.

Boyser s.r.o. also provides services of separate division of measuring and regulation which has a portfolio consisting of supply program from the world's leading manufacturers of measuring and regulation equipment. We deliver products, equipment, components and spare parts such as frequency converters, soft starters, electric motors, transmissions, pressure sensors, pressure gauges, thermometers, temperature sensors, thermocouples, control systems, SIMATIC components, level sensors, pneumatic components, electrical components, actuators, pneumatic actuators, valves, safety devices, recorders, controllers, analyzers, spare parts and others. In addition to all measuring and regulation equipment we can recommend, design and deliver complete CS control system.

The pumps and other equipment can be supplied with the control systems for the dosing operations, control, protection, regulation and management of pump operation and other equipment for industrial applications. This service consists of technical designing, manufacturing of switchgear with CS control system with control panel, programming, certificate issuing and initialisation at the customer location. Control systems are also programmed for a specific application by special customer requirements. For all the areas we provide our customers with consulting, technical design, complete service facilities, testing, supply of spare parts, installation and start in front of technician. Accessible, prompt, professional and quality engineering solutions!

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