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Company Boyser s.r.o. supplies and provides service drives of the world's leading brands. In particular, electric motors of European manufacturers like Siemens, ABB, but also other cheaper brands, geared motors and separate gear units. Electric motors and gear motors are normally mounted on units assembled in Slovakia and supplied by Boyser. They are used for pumps, vacuum pumps, blowers, mixers and other industrial applications.

Boyser s.r.o. is the official importer of several pump manufacturers. These pumps are supplied with bare shaft and are equiped with drive according to customer's request either to the structure, the manufacturer or the lowest price.

Pumps delivered:

  • with bare shafts and couplings to connect el. engine
  • with bare shafts and couplings to connect engine with gearbox
  • with flange gripping of planetary gearbox and fixed speed
  • with planetary gearbox and variator
  • with planetary gearbox and external frequency converter which controls a special electric motor with thermistors and forced cooling
  • with planetary gearbox and integrated frequency inverter installed directly to the electric motor
  • ATEX versions supplied with explosion-proof engines - Ex II 2G Ex d and Ex II 3G Eex-e

Boyserr AMP 16 Varmeca

Compact drives has many advantages over separate motor drives and mechanical drives, it allows energy savings in absolute security.

Drives assembled by Boyser:

  • standard three-phase motors
  • single-phase motors on request
  • with pneumatic motor
  • with hydraulic drive

Special versions on demand!

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Engine brands supplied and serviced by Boyser s.r.o.

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