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Heat Exchangers

The heat exchanger is part of a device which is designed to effectively transfer heat from one space to another. Medium and product are separated by a solid wall to prevent mixing. Heat exchangers are widely used for heating, cooling, air conditioning, in power stations, chemical plants, petrochemical plants, in oil refineries to process natural gas and are also used in wastewater treatment. A classic example of the heat exchanger is located in an internal combustion engine, in which the circulating medium known as an engine coolant flows through the cooler and the air flows around cooler, thereby cooling the coolant and heating the entering air.

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Parameters and design of systems with heat exchanger

The most important parameter of each heat exchanger is his power output. It varies based on many factors, especially by the temperature difference between the heating and heated side of heat exchanger (referred as temperature fall of exchanger, or the mediate temperature difference of exchanger), by the flow in the heating and the heated side of the exchanger and by the type or nature of the liquid. It is not possible clearly indicate the performance of the heat exchanger without specifying the operating conditions. In general, the higher is the temperature difference between the heating and the heated side and the higher is the flow on either side of the exchanger, higher is power output of the exchanger we can expect. The heat exchangers are each designed for the specific application and the conditions of operation.

Service and cleaning of heat exchangers

The heat exchanger is machinery for heat transfer between medium and product or between various circuits. The heat exchanger needs as well as other technical equipment regular service and maintenance. Cleaning of plate heat exchanger - fully soldered or demountable - (without need for disassembly) provides portable CIP station.

Video of CIP station working principle. Click on the image to download the video!

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Boyser company supplies heat exchangers for industrial applications.


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