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Caprari type BHR 200-200 on stock!

We have on stock pump Caprari type BHR 200-200 - centrifugal pump.

Čerpadlo Caprari typ BHR 200-200

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Centrifugal, submersible, high pressure, gear and screw pumps, vacuum pumps and spare parts on stock for pumps Sigma and others.

The pumps are functional, well lubricated, kept in enclosed areas with covers at the suction and discharge ports.

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Submersible Pump SIGMA NAUTILA U-VN on stock

We have on stock submersible pump Sigma Nautilus Board U-VN-13. The pump consists of two hydraulic levels. One has a 6 segments, the second has 7 segments, together creating 13 stages pump.

The diameter is 180 mm, length 1625 mm, weight approx. 125 kg.

Connecting port - BSP 1 1/2" internal thread. The pump is designed for minimum bore diameter of 200 mm.

Power: Q = flow rate from 78 l/min. to 120 l/min. at delivery head H = from 137 m to 106 m. Motor power is 5.5 kW, 10 A.

The pump is like new after a complete overhaul. Warranty 12 months.

Sigma Lutín - Ponorné čerpadlo Nautila U-VN-1-14

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