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Agitators (Industrial mixers)

The mixing devices for liquids, liquid suspensions and dispersions are often used in production lines and storage of different products as well as for processing of waste materials.

They are used for mixing or homogenizing i.e. blending two or more well-miscible liquid components. They can be applied in: slurrying the solids in a liquid (granular materials, powders etc.), heat exchange (heating or cooling product), dispersion of gas in the liquid, dispersion of immiscible liquids (emulsions) and chunks of the solids, and mixing of high viscous (Newtonian) products.



The mixing device is usually constructed of:

  • mixing container (reactor, tank, reservoir) of various shapes and sizes
  • the drive (motor, transmission, seal, bearing)
  • stirrer shafts (one or more rotors,pivot guide bearings etc.)
  • installation (heating coils, gas distribution, etc.)

From the customer's perspective, the purpose of these devices is:

  • to achieve the desired purpose and sufficient quality of mixing
  • to satisfy machine reliability, necessary quality design, strength control, critical frequency and durability.


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